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Free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Bears are Nice But Beers Are Better Zoom Virtual Background

Hey folks! We’re all experiencing this stressful situation and home quarantining together. Many of us are using Zoom to maintain social contact by holding virtual happy hours, book groups, online classes, work conferencing etc. Here at Fridgedoor, we figured we’ll use our large collection of images to put a smile on your face and honestly just spread some positivity by offering this collection of downloadable Zoom Virtual Backgrounds for free.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds act like a green screen and replace the video background with the background image you upload. An added benefit is that they eliminate a view of your room in case you’re not quite on top of your housekeeping or don't want coworkers judging your decorating or book choices!

These Virtual Backgrounds are all free for personal use. There is no catch. Click on one or all of the images below to view the larger background file and to download. You will not be asked for any contact info or a credit card. Nothing. Just start downloading away! Of course, we certainly wouldn’t mind if you also shop our line of prints, magnets and greeting cards while you’re here, but that is absolutely not required. Just enjoy and share with your friends and family!

These Virtual Background images are free for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

Adding the Virtual Background

Zoom does have certain software and hardware requirements to display Virtual Backgrounds properly. They may not work on older computers.

Here is a link to Zoom's support page detailing their requirements and installation instructions.  

These Zoom Virtual Backgrounds are designed for use on Windows & Mac laptops and desktops. They'll work on cell phones, but since their screens are narrow you’ll likely see just the background color directly behind you. Laptop and desktop screens have more real estate available on each side to display the entire image.

The background image may appear to be reversed when you view your own image on Zoom. This is normal. Everyone else on the call will see the image displayed properly.

Free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Click on any image below to open the much larger Virtual Background file. The larger image is the one to download and use. Don't download the small images below. Just click on them. They'll open the larger background file. Save and use the larger image.

The blank space in the middle is where your captivating image will appear. That part is up to you! :-)  Have fun.  Feel free to tag @fridgedoor on IG.  We’d love to see them in use. Stay healthy & happy!

Click on any image below to open & view the larger background file in a new tab. Save and use that one, the larger one. Don't download these little images. They won't work.

Queen Elizabeth Zoom Virtual Background    GO Sox Citgo Sign Zoom Virtual Background    Stay Home Cop Zoom Virtual Background    Whales Zoom Virtual Background    Dr Fauci Zoom Virtual Background    Safety First Zoom Virtual Background    Bears Are Nice But Beers Are Better Zoom Virtual Background    Yellow Eyed Black Cat Zoom Virtual Background    World Biker Zoom Virtual Background    Trump Make Mine A Double Zoom Virtual Background    Love Burst Zoom Virtual Background    Valentine Hearts Book Lover Zoom Virtual Background    Bucking Bronco Zoom Virtual Background        Green Monster Seats Zoom Virtual Background                                                        This Is My Year Sad Clown Zoom Virtual Background